Wild Symbols

The slot game is an exciting game to play and the excitement is increased with the help of the wild symbols. They have various properties and this is what adds to the uniqueness of the slot game. Not all the descriptions that you find here might be available in the wild symbol of every slot game, but still it is worthy to take time and discover what properties they have. All slot games have wild symbol and stay in a vital position in the game. The largest payout that the game has to offer comes from the wild symbols. You will find that wild symbols act as a multiplying factor in most slot game.

The wild symbol when it appears in a winning combination on the table, will be check out to the fixed multiplier it stands for and this will have an exponential effect on the payout that will be gotten. You should keep in mind that there is a fixed rate for the multiplier, the rate of the multiplier can be located in the payout table. If it is not at the payout table then it will be at stated clearly in the rules of the game. The multiplying factor depends on the wild symbols that make up your winning combination. The payout can be huge depending on this.

Types of Wild Symbols

The wild symbols are more than one, a type of wild symbol that has the tendency to help increase the payout greatly is the stacked wild symbol. This symbol is special and appears not as an entity but either as a pair or more than a pair. If the entire reel is made of the wild symbol then the wild symbol has the tendency to give a very high payout. The stacked wild symbol is when the wild symbol does not appear singly but in stacks.

Another form of the wild symbol that you will encounter is the expanding wild. Here the wild symbol occupies the whole reel. The effect of these is felt not in the calculation of the payouts the player gets but in the visuals.

Another type of wild symbol is the exploring wild symbol. In this game what is observed is that initially the wild symbol might not occur on the reels. After the reel comes to rest, an event can take place that will affect the symbols hereby causing a change in the symbol and presenting a wild symbol. Once this obtained the calculations of the payout is thus calculated based on the wild symbol.

Now that you understand wild symbols, you should also not be forgetting that the wild symbols that are described here might not be the case for all slot games.

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