Slots Machines Cheating

As Slots machines represent more than 80% of every casino's profit, it is no surprise that there are some methods of cheating at this game. But one should remember that it is very risky to use these methods as it can land one in jail.

Slots Cheating Methods

  • Tommy Glenn Carmichael, a legend among casino cheaters, is famous for his excellent skill to create different mechanical devices with the help of which it is possible to trip the system of the Slot machine and make it to payout. Famous "monkey paw" and "top-bottom join" are referred to Carmichael's cheating inventions. He was caught for cheating and imprisoned. But as soon as he was dismissed, he returned to the cheating at casinos.
  • Mini light. That is one more cheating device with the help of which the cheater can trip a mechanical switch of the slot machine and to prevent the machine's mechanical object in such a way. Every machine has the sensor which determines the time and the amount of the pay out and this very mini light can be flashed inside the machine for confusing the sensor.
  • Also some players used a string with coins dangled on it. Cheaters dipped this string into the Slot machine and then yanked it back and the machine registered multiple credits.

As you can see, all these methods are old fashioned and it impossible to put it into practice with modern technologies which are developing every day. Nowadays the manufacturers have invented various methods and techniques for preventing cheating at slots. They have installed a safety catch into machines, and also there is special technology which measures coins' weight and shape. All casinos test their machines for making them safe. Besides, there are hundreds of cameras in every casino building that watch every move of every player. So, if you are playing Slots rely upon your god luck. It is more safe and exciting.

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