Pay Table

For either the slot or a video poker there is a list of the payouts that can be paid, this list is referred to as the Pay Table. On this table you will find all the possible combination for the symbols, the amount of coin that is allowed to be bet and how much the winning will be.

Pay table review

This pay table can be located on the face of the slot machine. This holds for all the old slot machines/ video poker machine and some of the newer ones. The face of the machine where this pay table can be found is located at the area that contains the wheel.

For slot machines you will find all the list of symbols that are in that game. The symbol will include both those that form the winning combination and those that do not form the winning combination. The amount of credit that player stands to get if either of these symbols appear on the reel is specified in the pay line. In the case of the Video slot machine, only the pay lines for the winning combinations are present in the pay table.

The pay line is that which determines what the player gets when he wins. It is a line that represents the symbols that are in the slot machine, the line also shows all the combination of the symbol and from this the player can determine how much he is to be paid for the bet it. To have a winning combination two of the wining symbols must appear on the real as stated by the pay line. There are combinations that will not offer the player any payout.

Symbols and pay line

In some machines there are varieties of symbols. These symbols include some special symbol, scattered symbol and wild symbols. The wild symbols will pay out even when not stipulated on the pay line. With the wild symbol in your combination it can be used to substitute just any symbol of your choice and thus will help make up any paying combination that is available on the pay table.

The pay table can be listed on the cabinet, or can be accessed when a player touches a button or displayed on the screen. All these depend on the machine, the ones listed above are more commonly found in the video machine.

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