Different Types of Slots Symbols

Slots game is the most popular and the most playable casino game ever. The main reason of its popularity is that the game's rules are very easy. There is even no some certain slots winning strategy. There are only casino slots tips for increasing winning odds.

All online Slots have many various symbols on their reels. Usually these symbols are tied to the theme of the game (themed symbols). Bur there are those which are considered special game's options and related to the game's round and payouts.

Scatter Symbols

These symbols can have different shapes depending on the game's theme. The main peculiarities of Scatter symbols are that they don't appear on the pay line for giving a result for the player and that they can't be substituted by Wild symbols.

The payout of the Scatter symbol increases each time when every Scatter symbol is added.

Every player can read all necessary information about machine's payout on the pay table.

Wild Symbols

Slots with the Wild symbol are the most popular as they pay out more prizes in comparison with other machine's types. The peculiarity of this symbol consists in the ability of a Wild symbol to replace any other symbol during the game (as it mentioned before, the only exception is a Scatter symbol). For example, if the player has two identical symbols on the pay line and the third one is a Wild symbol, it would the winning combination of three identical symbols.

Bonus Symbols

The most common Slots bonus symbol is above-mentioned Scatter symbol. If three Scatter symbols appear on over the screen, the bonus game is activated which can lead to the extra prizes.

And the last thing you should know about casino games that online games are considered to be more profitable as every player gets signing-up bonus after his/ her registration and a lot of other further bonuses.

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