Themed Symbols

When one pictures the Medieval England the best imagery comes from the myths and Legends surrounding King Arthur. This also has been used as theme by many of the developers when creating software for the slot games. Such games utilizes symbol that includes Knights, dragons, horses, castles and others.

The Avalon is a slot game developed by Microgaming based on the legend of King Arthur. The wild symbol in this slot game is known as Avalon. From the myth Avalon is the home of the sword Excalibur that King Arthur used to forge a legend for himself. The sword was forged from this island and appears in some many instances in the legend of King Arthur. It is said that the sword was used in healing him of the wounds he secured from a battle.

Other than the Avalon, another symbol is that of the Lady of the Lake, which is the Scatter symbol. You will still come across symbols like the crown, coats of arm, and the goblet.

The Grail Maiden is one of the most popular games that have a medieval theme. Here you find the wild symbol to be the goblet and the scatter symbol as the logo of the Grail Maiden. The slot game developed by Vegas Technology has graphics and effects that depict and takes you far back to the medieval period. It also is known as the first among their slot games that did not require pay lines.

Medieval Themed Slot Games

From Wagerworks we get Crystal Caverns and Fortress of fortune; these are slot games that use characters from Dungeon and Dragons, a game that is owned by Wizards of the Coast. These games have more fantasy that the known medieval period. We find the use of mystic more prominent.

Realtime Gaming also has a slot game that was developed with a medieval theme; this game is known as Mystic Dragon. You find in this game the volcano and Dragon serving as the scatter and wild symbols respectively. When either of these appears on the reel as part of the combination, you will hear hissing sounds. There are other symbols in this game and that includes Knight, Castle, Scroll, Treasure Chest and the Lady. When the Dragon appears in the pay line the payout is doubled and should the three reels be filled with dragon then the payout gets to be multiplied by eight.

The Quest of Kings is a slot game that has three remarkable symbols - Princess (wild symbol), Rose (Scattered symbol) and the Knight (special symbol). The aim is to select a tower where the princess can be found, failure to do so will leave the player setting for compensatory payout rather than the intended payout.

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